Premio Marzotto 2017

Floriano Bonfigli
Italian ambassador, Hello Tomorrow Challenge

Floriano Bonfigli is the Italian ambassador for Hello Tomorrow Challenge, a competition that aims at launching European startups with the greatest degree of scientific and technological innovation. He is an innovation driven entrepreneurship researcher at the Istituto Adriano Olivetti (ISTAO) in Ancona, the business school founded in 1967 by the economist Giorgio FuĂ . He tries to put into practice what he studies at ISTAO with his startup Collabobeat: the first digital health service in Italy that helps doctors to share their medical visit notes with their patients. He was an alumnus of InnovacationLab, for its 2011 Emilia-Romagna edition. He is married with three children; he is also a runner.


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Luca Escoffier