Premio Marzotto 2017

Luca Escoffier
Ceo Innoventually

Luca Escoffier, graduated in law from the University of Parma, and he obtained a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property Law in 2003 (WIPO). After several years in law firms and in a nano-Italian biotech company, he moved to Seattle in 2008 with the title of Visiting Lecturer at the University of Washington where he also received in 2010 a Certificate in Business Administration from the Foster Business School. Luke is a Fellow of the Stanford-Vienna Transatlantic Technology Forum, Invited Researcher at Waseda University (Tokyo) and he is an alumnus of Singularity University (GSP’10). Luca is the CEO of Innoventually, major open innovation platform in Italy, and he serves as mentor and consultant for various companies around the world as well as being the Chair of the Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship Chapter for ISSNAF, the foundation that brings together thousands of Italian scientists and scholars in North America.


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